Cargo Spectre Micro is an NTEP certified and patented software platform that provides cost-effective, automated measurement and weighing systems for cartons and packages worldwide. Cargo Spectre's software provides NTEP-certified weights and dimensions and can be integrated into any backend or cloud application and installed in less than an hour.

Using a manufacturer-independent depth sensor, a Cargo Spectre Micro system can instantly identify and record every detail of your objects and spare parts. Attach the Micro measurement system to a table or counter for a static application or mount it to a cart or conveyor for a mobile application. The Cargo Spectre Micro System can measure, weigh and photograph any spare part or object in seconds.


Keep it small and simple!

- Cost-effective hardware that is practically maintenance-free. Simple user interface

- Software-based dimensioning, easy to customize and use

- Experienced and competent software developers

- Easy to install, easy to integrate

- NTEP certificate

- Fast ROI

- No contract, no long-term commitment


Buy Hardware > Install Cargo Spectre Micro > Activate monthly license > Start!