Also this year we will participate in the T-Matik.

The fair takes place from 04.06. to 05.06. in Greven. You will find us in the bale warehouse at booth 20.

We will show you Cargo Spectre, a patented software platform that uses manufacturer independent hardware to measure length, width, height, volume and volumetric weight. Cargo Spectre integrates with any backend or cloud application and can be installed in less than an hour.

The easy-to-use Cargo Spectre Link application can be added to any device in your cargo handling facility. Spectre Link controls the scale and depth sensors. As a result, NTEP-certified cargo dimensions are captured more efficiently and accurately than ever before. Best of all, the Cargo Spectre software platform can be securely accessed and controlled from computers, tablets and smartphones anywhere in the world.

Access to T-Matik is free. All you need to do is register in advance by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are looking forward to your visit!


Cargo Spectre Pallet - fits in almost the (smallest!) trunk.

A compact, modular system for parcel and freight measurement that can be easily transported in almost any case. Cargo Spectre Pallet surprises with strong performance, compatible hardware and an almost simple handling.

Cargo Spectre Pallet was not developed in a technology lab, but by hands-on experts for hands-on experts.

Our roadshow will start in May 2022 - let us surprise you!



The Cargo Spectre Pallet was developed together with a logistics and transport company, as we are facing an increasingly digital environment. Our core team has more than 100 years of experience in the logistics and transport sector.

Today's customer service challenges for transport and logistics service providers are in the form of EDIs, APIs and minimal data delivery times. The biggest problem that has to be resolved is that these challenges are ultimately on the shoulders of the warehouse employee who has to handle them. The operator should be able to collect the required data easily, safely and quickly.

So what makes our system more advanced and user-friendly than that of our competitors? Machine learning technology is the key. Once our well-tested software is installed, we measure to an accuracy of 0.5 inch. The software is able to detect automatically objects in the foreground as well as in the background and separates them from the object to be measured. The unique feature is that it learns. Because we collect incredible amounts of freight data worldwide, our software filters people, masts, forklifts and much more - and gets smarter every day.

We don't believe that weighing accuracy should ever be sacrificed to speed. That's why we use solid, stable floor scales for fast and accurate weighing of every piece of cargo that comes into your warehouse.

The Cargo Spectre Pallet is installed in one day and pays for itself in less than two months! It is easy to operate and can be integrated into the most common software systems without any complications. Even customers who are already using our competitors systems recommend us in the meantime.

Cargo Spectre Pallet does not require a large initial investment. Our secret is the machine learning technology and standard hardware that is affordable for every budget. Only one fee per month is required to use our software.


ParcelScan 150 - when speed and precision make the difference!

The Parcelscan 150 is a modular system for automatic calculation of weight and volume of parcels and can process up to 1,200 items per hour. Fully automatic and without the intervention of an employee.

Each parcel is identified on several sides by an omni-directional barcode reader. With a single measurement and in dynamic mode, the height, width, length and weight of the parcel are recorded and the data is made available in real time for processing and printing any transport labels.

A photorealistic image of each parcel is created to document its integrity

The ParcelScan 150 is the ideal extension of sorters or can be used in combination with automatic labelling systems.



CubiDat and CargoSpectre form Stratetic Alliance

European based CubiDat, is an integrator for automatic freight measuring systems, and North American dimension scanning Start up with its brand-named Cargo Spectre™ products, join forces.

The strategic alliance of these two distinguished innovators in the high-tech field of integrated cubing, weighing and identification systems promises huge benefits for the Distribution and Transportation industries worldwide.

“This partnership will allow us to harmonize our product development, sales and marketing, and service and support efforts to provide a broader product portfolio and greater customer service”, said Klaus Gerhard Klein, managing director of CubiDat.  “Our technological strengths, complimentary products, and common business practices will benefit our customers with greater expertise and geographical coverage.”

The Cargo Spectre™ and CubiDat® products, both as widely recognized for quality as they are for innovation, will continue, with increasing effort to broaden their respective product offerings into new, complimentary, and more effective dimensioning solutions for users in both the private and public sectors.  Strategic emphasis will be placed on designing and developing state-of-the-art cubing systems for distribution and transportation applications.

To learn more about the strategic partnership and the product range of CubiDat and Cargo Spectre, contact Klaus Gerhard Klein at +49 2661 983756.

CubiDat, in business since 2011, is a specialist in the field of pallet dimensioning and contouring devices, offering the most advanced range of products in the industry.  Cargo Spectre, located in Houston, Texas (USA), is a leading provider of static dimensioning devices.

PalletScan 320
The PalletScan 320 can be supplied with a legal-for-trade approval for further processing of legally relevant data!


With the Parcelscan 110 it is easy to calculate the weight and volume of small and medium sized packaging!

Use ParcelScan systems to capture irregular shaped objects to optimize logistic master data. Capture a wide variety of objects, shapes and surfaces, from small to oversized. Practical and easy to use to improve process quality and workflow.



Modular expandable motorized FlexCon roller conveyors: Discover a robust system for fast and safe loading and unloading!

The FlexCon extendable motorised roller conveyors are handy and robust and meet the requirements of KEP, express and logistics service providers. Alternatively, the flexible roller conveyor is also available without electrical drive.



Fast and precise freight and weight measurement with the PalletScan 320!

The PalletScan 320 is a volume measurement system that performs the measurement of bulk goods and palletized freight at the freight checkpoint. We are planning the installation down to the last detail so that the freight measuring system can fully develop its potential. By configuring the machine interface according to your requirements, the PalletScan 320 can be easily integrated. Efficient, precise and robust. On request, the PalletScan 310 can be supplied with legal-for-trade approval for further processing of legally relevant data.



Cargo Spectre Pallet

Cargo Spectre captures the freight in the new built logistics centre of Balterschwiler AG. The installation of the freight measuring system in the new logistics centre was successfully completed. In addition to the two 3D measuring heads, the system also includes a scale and a control terminal. Balteschwiler is digitizing a further operational sequence and hopes that this will lead to more efficient and faster deliveries.

The CubiDat experts faced a challenge, especially with Balteschwiler's product range, which ranges from small parts to 6.5 meter long wooden components. CubiDat worked with the customer to develop a solution that not only completely covers the required measuring range, but also delivers accurate measurement results.

According to the project manager for the new logistics center, Boris Brenner, the high speed of the measuring process is convincing in addition to the precision. Within seconds, the system weight and measures the bulky freight, takes photos of it and transfers this data to the internal database. The pictures document the condition of the freight upon delivery and thus contribute to quality assurance.

The measured values are used for automated freight space and route planning. Previously, a disponent had taken over this task. He summarized the freight and assigned it to the transport vehicles based on his experience. This not only cost time, but also led to inaccuracies in transport space and route planning.

CubiDat designed and implemented the new surveying system within four months. "Since there are no mechanical parts that could wear out, the maintenance effort is practically zero", Boris Brenner emphasizes another advantage of the system. In case of problems with the software, CubiDat can provide help at any time via secure remote access.

The clear user interface of Cargo Spectre makes it easy to get started with the new system. In addition to the measurement results, a color picture, a depth image, a schematic side view and a 3D display are displayed as standard.